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» 20050302: FLASH BLOG, OMG LOL!

Gotta give props where props are due.


This guy has a great tutorial on who to make this whole flash blogger thingie work wonderfully.

As you can see, I've more or less mastered the basics of FlashBlogging, which I will refer to as Flogging, from now on... Hehe.

Ok... I guess an actual cool looking Flash Design is coming soon, no...? Huzzah!

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» 20050208: New Design Pending...

Yeah... You may or may have not noticed that this is a Default Blogger Template...

That's because I'm working on a Flash blogger... Hopefully one based off XML... Chances are I might even drop Blogger completely... Heh. Here's hoping...

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» 20041023: rene's dead. go away.

"oh yeah... website... oops..." - Andy Helms

Haven't been updating as much as I used to, but I'm still sort of alive on the interweb.

New design coming hella soon. I can't stand that stupid sunrise anymore.

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» 20040921: Good time with weapons!

Though I'd share this with you guys. It's the translation of the japanese song on the South Park episode "Good times with weapons". Enjoy.

J: Subarashii chinchin mono.
E: You have an awesome penis.

J: Kintama no ke aru.
E: I see the hair on your balls .

J: Sono otowa sarubobo.
E: Sounds like a baby monkey .

J: Iie ninjyaga imasu!
E: No, no it's ninjas!

J: Hey! Hey! Let's go! Kenkasuru!
E: Hey! Hey! Let's oo! We fight!

J: Taisestunamono protect my balls!
E: It's really important to protect my balls!

J: Bokugawarui so let's fighting...
E: It's my bad so let's fighting...

J and E: Let's fighting Love... Let's fighting Love...

J: Konouta choto baka wakegawakaranai.
E: This song is dumb it makes no sense.

J: Eigoga mechakucha.
E: The English is bad.

J: Daijobu we do it all the time!
E: But it's ok, we do it all the time!

J: Hey! Hey! Let's go! Kenkasuru!
E: Hey! Hey! Let's go! We fight!

J: Taisestunamono protect my balls!
E: It's really important to protect my balls!

J: Bokugawarui so let's fighting...
E: It's my bad so let's fighting...

J and E: Let's fighting Love... Let's fighting Love...

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» 20040915: You got potential!

Click to see me dance like a goddamn moron. W00t!

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» 20040904: BITE ME.

So yeah. The world decided to collectively take a piss on my heart today. Like I really needed a reminder from EVERYONE ON THE GODDAMN PLANET that I'm incorregibly single and will continue to be so until someone blows my fucking brains out.

Seriously, fuck you all. I didn't need this today.
< /rant >

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» 20040831: Anyone got a nickel...?

Hey guys. I gotta mention this since it was a VERY epic scenario a few days back. I was driving home on Friday, when I looked up, above the bus station, towards the clouds, and I swear I saw two hands holding what seemed to be a plate where you would put a plant... only the plant, soil and all, was taking off from the plate... like a floating island with a sole palm tree right in the middle...? It looked like God holding up a tiny little Eden. :3 I felt all special and shit.

Looked awesome. Too bad I couldn't bust out the camera in time.

Also, check out this Jukebox I made for a site at work.

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» 20040825: Most Triumphant!

Here's hoping my resume comes through for me.

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Yippey-doo-dah, motherfuckers. I'm in a particularly pleasant mood today. Go figure. I guess hot tubs will cure ANYTHING at 105 degrees. Yesterday I hung out with Carlos, Elvis, German, Johan and Mikan, at the hotel, but that's not the reason why I'm so chipper.

Two simple things. Today, during my lunch break, I was walking merrily about, when out of the corner of my eye, I see some familiar looking lady looking back at me... So when I turn around, it's the mother of this cute girl I knew in high school, Irene, and she also just happens to be standing next to her. So she's looking back with a big smile on her face, walking in the opposite direction, and all I do is stand there, kind of agast. Heh. She had these cute, horrible-looking Pippi Longstocking ponytails, and a pair of overalls. She seemed very lighthearted. Did me good, it did. :3

Oh, the other thing that's cheering me up is THIS. AAAAAAAAAA!

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» 20040811: YKIGTBAIDAWW

You know it's going to be an interesting day at work when your boss calls you over the intercom to let you know that by putting the company name in Google my MoBlog (linked to your right) appears as the SECOND LINK. Small world, eh?

Now, the reason as to WHY it's the second link is because of my OLD description at the top of my MoBlog:

"Hey. I'm Rene. I'm 21 years old and I fucking hate caps. I live in the sunny tropical hellhole of Puerto Rico, and I'm mayoring in graphic arts in Atlantic College. I currently work in COMPANY NAME HERE and though I love my job, I fucking hate everyone who works there besides me. Oh, and those 3 girls that work on the rented office space. And my boss is sorta cool... So basically, I just hate the other "Rene" who works there."

Keep in mind this is the OLD description, as Google Cache has a version of my MoBlog that's a few weeks old.

The new one doesn't really say anything.

Apparently his feelings were hurt, even though I didn't mention him in any negative way. I even said I LOVE MY JOB, for fuck's sake. Or maybe he's hurt because he didn't bother to click CACHE to read the entire thing. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose... Whatever.

I have this unnerving feeling that this is totally gonna cost me my job, so I have the sassy task of finding a new job before December 31. It's better this way. Now I actually have motivation for doing so.

I e-mailed this company who was looking for a Web Designer. Here's hoping...

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» 20040809: Well shit.

Well shit. It seems someone scratched my car... I look around to check where the hell it was scratched and find this weak-ass, baby scratch on the bottom of the right side of the rear bumper. So I'm like "Meh.". I can always get some replacement Jet Black auto paint, so it's cool.

I call the number on the note, and it turns out to be one of these hilarious radio DJs from La Mega 106.9. And he was really cool about it. Even offered to pay, or do something at the radio station. All I could think was to jokingly tell him to elimiate this HORRIBLE radio section where they play Reggeaton for an HOUR. Argh. We both laughed.

That's it, folks. :|

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» 20040725: Lions and tigers and bears...

Oh, my. This weekend was quite productive, if not cost-effective. Saw I, Robot for the second time, as well as Fahrenheit 9/11. Went to play pool with the buds, saw boobies, and a lesbian clenched tenaciosly to my buttocks. Not necesarily in that order.

I also met and lost the love of my life in the span of an hour. Ain't it a bitch? And, as consecuence, I am staying the hell away from Hot Topic forever. Seriously.

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» 20040720: Yazmin, this one's for you.

Love Story
By: Lagwagon

Maybe it's not funny but it's true...
No one here's suprised but you...
Embellish it, the truth is your a slave...
Addicted to it's escalating...
And your love story's bad...

Drama makes you livid and the nervous always laugh...
I'm fresh out of advice
And I'm sick of standing in this harms way...

Interstae; indebate;
An impasse
Driving out the hope and gas...
Arriving at the same mute conclusion...
This is destination failure...
This is going, going nowhere... slow...

Drama is exhausting and I'd rather be alone
I want better friends...
I'm sick of giving in to harms way...
And so are they...

I'm sick of being around something that's destined to fail,
And the sum of its parts cannot see
They make me hate life...
Hate friends... Hate being there...

I know that it's not funny but it's true
No one gives a shit but you...
Maybe I'll just swallow all these thoughts...
Maybe someday you'll stop...

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» : B.F.W. Part Deux

Hey Elvis, do me a favor and call Yazmin. I'm fucking sick of being her one-stop Elvis information booth.

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» 20040716: Mmmmm... Salmon...

By the way, Elysse. Thanks for the chat last night. Cheered me up something fierce. <3 Later, chica.

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» : B.F.W.

After much deliberation, I decided to delete this rant. It doesn't really benefit anyone, and only served to help me let out some steam. Though, I'd much rather make her feel like the rampaging piece of shit she was this week, I'll be the bigger man and walk away.

I need new friends.

» 20040711: Thy Kingdom Come...

Made a neat wallpaper for the graduation ceremony at school. They asked me to hand in a piece, so I fooled around in Photoshop until I, uh... made something. Yup. Hope you like it.

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» 20040707: ...

You know... I really don't care if you weren't feeling like talking to me... It's cool, really... But had you just told me straight up, I wouldn't be feeling as shitty, as I do, right now...


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» 20040628: Rain, rain, go away... ; _ ;

Holy hell. Yesterday had to be the worst thunderstorm in Puerto Rico, this year. Wet wet wet.

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Ok, so apparently the whole Turbonegro thing was complete hogwash. I got banned because of... DUN DUN DUN... innapropriate language. >.<

Click here to read the email support sent me.

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» : Ok, WTF.

So last night, amongst other events, I dreamed I was shot and killed by Eminem... oh yeah, and then I came back to life and exacted my revenge.


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» 20040622: Far away, I can hear Dave Chappelle crying...

Well shit. It's happened AGAIN. Some sensitive hippie complained about Turbonegro and I'm eating crow for it. It seems the collective populous of City Of Heroes lost it's sense of humor. I can't fault the administrators for doing their job, but I can't help feeling a little bit ripped-off, considering the hundreds of copyrighted characters and even fucking NAZIS running around. >.<

So lemme get this straight. There's a supervillian group hellbent on the ethnic cleansing of jews... but I can't have the word NEGRO in my name. Not coon, nor nigger, but NEGRO, the spanish equivalent of the word black.

So, I wanted to poke a little fun at the bad stereotype. It's not like I went out shouting Hay! Where's my cornbread and Malt Liquor !? :-B LOL I went around shouting Chappelle Show quotes the whole time. I'M RICH, BEEYOTCH! and I'M RICK JAMES, BITCH! and the like. Most of the people caught my character at face value, and we all had a laugh, shared thoughts, and often had interesting conversations; quite a few of them black (or african-american, if you prefer) superheroes.

The word negro isn't a racial slur, it's a fucking COLOR, for gawd's sake. If you give the word a racial connotation you're giving power to the racist. It's like that comedian Rene Hicks. She has a skit in her comedy act, where she talks about giving the word Nigger a new meaning: Snack Foods; specifically potato chips... so when someone's at a party and finds no snacks, she proudly proclaims WHAT? NO NIGGERS!? You can't have no party without no niggers! Crackers...? Please, nobody wants crackers at a party!. Of course, I think it's HILARIOUS.

I suppose the same could be applied to the game. I mean, I think it'd be awesome if someone saw me punching out a row of Hellions and went Yeah! Lookit that negro go!!!!!

Still, I can't fault them for doing their jobs. I'm sure a lot of the admins would probably agree and maybe even find the situation as funny as I do, but for those who DON'T, well shit, I guess having just about every bloodline shoved genetically up my ass gives me a little bit more freedom to say all the shit I just did.

But then again, my crackah-ass friend Mike knows a whole shitload more than I, working for a game company and all. Heh.

And now, I shall leave you with another Rene Hicks quote, which I found particularly insightful, considering the subject matter:

Laughter brings people together. We need a lot more laughter in the world and a lot less of the stupid crap that divides us.

It's a celebation, bitches. Be merry.

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» 20040611: @_@


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» : I use ; _ ; a lot...

Went to Fuddruckers' with the 'rents and the sistah. Lots of talking ensued, and my dad confessed that he was a kid he used to EAT SNAPS. You know, those tiny little balls of gunpowder wrapped in paper... So yeah, he used to eat those, which fucked up his hemogoblins, so he had take to take ashot in the ASS everyday. HA HA HA.

That explains why I stuffed car seat foam up my nose for a week, and later had it forcibly removed by a doctor with pliers... *shudders* Apparently they were rotten 2DMAXX when he pulled them out... And to this day, I have horrible allergies at any given time.

Severe youthful stupidity must be in the genes... ; _ ;

On another note, my sister bought a magic wand from Allivan's... They custom make Harry Potter wands from wood, and send it to you either in a nice bag or with a SCARF. Gnarly. So my sister RETURNS her wand because it was too small, and promtly gets a new one. Half a month later, she gets ANOTHER wand from Allivan's, only THIS time she didn't order it. A magic wand FREE OF CHARGE... and what does she wanna do with it... RETURN IT, OF COURSE!!!!!

Goddammit, I want my own magic wand... ; _ ;

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» 20040609: Curled up ties... Hmmmm...

You know your boss is an egotistical idiot, when he refers to "an office in the west coast of the island" as "GTA West"...

As if we have corporate divisions now.

From this point on, I shall refer to my boss only as "The Pointy-Haired Boss".

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» 20040608: YKIGTBAIDAWW...

I meant to blog this a few days ago, but it still merits mentioning, even half a week late. Here goes:

"You know it's going to be an interesting day at work when you go into the only bathroom in the building right after a kid and you see GLOBS OF SEMEN encrusted in the bottom of the bowl."

I'm gonna see if I can start a collection of
"You know it's going be an interesting day at work when..."

See you next YKIGTBAIDAWW.

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» 20040604: No page to display

Haha. Actual customer service ticket I got at Cingular the other day. They fixed my phone nice and good, so now games runs SUPAH FAST now. Hooray new firmware!

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» 20040530: Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt...

Argh... Family reunions and pools do NOT mix well... I think I spent about three non-consecutive hours in the pool, avoiding a slew of relatives I never knew existed. As a result, I look like a goddamn beet, but my hair has never looked radder. My sister is out with all my cousins at the movies, as I write this, but I don't mind. If they'd REALLY want to hang and be all cousin-y, we would have by now, ya' know? We'll see what happens. In the meantime, more CoH time for me... :B

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» 20040527: O Fortuna, Imperatrix Mundi

Oh yeah! I just bought River City Ransom EX and, might I say, playing it against the background music of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, as conducted by Joachum is a DELIGHT.


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» 20040526: A small potato's mind...

Just to let you know... Husking Bee's lead singer sounds like what Kurt Cobain would sound like if he sang in japanese with caltrops in his mouth.

Yes, I LOVE this band. <3

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» : No more midnight snacks... Gawd.

You know what totally sucks...? Having heart-warming dreams about lesbian girls who will NEVER EVER go out with you. I mean, what the fuck...? She didn't have any pants on in the duration of said dream, and had only one of them huge guy shirts that look really cute on girls to cover herself up... and yet she felt TOTALLY comfortable just talking to me like that. ARGH.

I gotta lay off the 1:35 AM coconut marshmellow binges.

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» 20040523: Not enough Brad Pitt.

So I went out with Jacqueline yesterday. She had her best friend and her cousin with her too. No big deal; it was actually a bit RELIEVING to have an intermediate in case I couldn't understand her. I so need to learn sign language... So we saw Troy, which means I had to endure Brad Pitts naked ass for the second night in a row. ARGH. The 8:45 show was sold out so we had to go to the 11:40 one. 2 hours just hanging around making fun of people at the Karaoke Bar. It was fun. It was also ODD to go on an explicitly non-romantic date, but I still had a good time. I SO need to get used to that again... ; _ ;

IS THIS A NEW TURN FOR RENE? *shakes magic 8 ball*

"Concentrate and ask again."

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» 20040522: OMG I AM TOTALLY BLOGGING!!!!!

Hahaha. Oh, shit! Rene has a website now? PREPOSTEROUS!!!!!

So yeah, I decided to register a .CAWM since that is the "hip" thing to do these days. I gotta keep up with the latest trends and whatnot. Been having a good, productive week so far, having finished school yesterday. Allow me to put that into perspective for you.


Yes, graduation is a sweet, succulent tit.

Today, I had a historically shitty day at work... 5 hours doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, only to have the boss freak out because his deadline is up and he decided to revise all the projects right then and there... Which means I shoved about a day's load of work into two hours... Which means I fucking stayed OVERTIME for an hour that's not getting registered on my next paycheck.


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» Info:
René. 10.29.82. Web Design. Old School. Honda Civic. Mega Man. The Pillows. Cherry Coke. Naruto. Mongolian Chop Squad. Wendy's. Boobs. Adriana. Andy. No one.

» People I like:

» Sites I wish were still around:
» 20081226: I'm not good at volleyball.

If you're reading this, and you think I'm a tall, blond, handsome volleyball player, you're 1/4 right! Which means you're also 3/4 wrong. Contrary to popular belief, I do not play volleyball in Puerto Rico. In fact, I can barely play video game volleyball... So, yeah. I'm an entirely different Rene Esteves. Go figure. So stop emailing me already. Unless you're a fine, fine lady.

In other news, site's going under the knife in the next few months, which means if I take into account my lethargy, I'll be ready for the May 1 Reboot!

Also, in events news: Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas. In that order... I think.

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» 20081101: Contact form's fixed... AGAIN.

To those of you that sent me a message using the form: Didn't get 'em. The form was working a-ok a few days ago, so go figure! It's fixed tho. Thanks for all the lovely, blank e-mails, tho! :1

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» 20081029: Another Morning

Tohou ni kurete naiteta
Omocha uriba no sumi de ki ga tsukeba
MAMA no sugata wa kieteita
Shiranai hito ga yasashiku hanashikakete kureru kedo
Sonna no maru de kiichainakatta

Ima mo mada onaji yoku nita fuan ga tsukimatou
Taekirenai you na dekigoto wa tashika ni aru keredo

Donna ni sabishikutemo daremo mukae ni konai yo
Maigo no shirase ANAUNSU wa kakaranai
Tobira no mukou ni wa yakusoku nante nai
Demo ikou umare kawaru asa ga kita

Muchuu ni natte jitensha wo koide
Tooku no GURANDO he hashitta
Ano koro kimi to futari nori
Nani mo nakutemo tada tanoshii sonna mainichi datta na
Zutto kawaranai to omotteta

ARUBAMU no atsui PEEJI wo umete hohoenderu kao mo
Tooku hanarete chikagoro ja tegami sae konai kedo

Kyou wa atarashii boku no tanjoubi nan da
Kinen shashin wo torinaosu kara oide yo
Suteki na omoide wo utsusu rousoku wa kesanaide
Umare kawaru asa ga kita

Ima mo mada onaji yoku nita fuan ga tsukimatou
Taekirenai you na dekigoto wa tashika ni aru keredo

Donna ni sabishikutemo daremo mukae ni konai yo
Maigo no shirase ANAUNSU wa kakaranai
Tobira no mukou ni wa yakusoku nante nai
Demo ikou umare kawaru asa ga kita

Another morning!
Another morning!
Happy Re-birthday, yeah!
Oh, yeah!

(Translation here.)

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» 20081018: P.S. Swag!

In case you were wondering what my favorite piece of swag was...

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» : Create Chaos was a blast!

Goodness, am I actually writing more often now...? Naw... can't be.

So I went with Bender to Create Chaos on Thursday, and it was pretty bad-ass. Scott Belsky gave an eye-opening talk about taking ideas and focusing them into action. Sure, it was mostly a sales pitch for Action Method, but it had some pretty good advice, nonetheless. He had some pretty good tips for advertising action to yourself, which mostly translated into Post-It notes everywhere. Still, I took in a lot out of the talk.

I went into a particularly lame talk about "Designing Websites That Don't Look Like Websites". The topic was great; the speaker not so much. After the umpteenth "Uhhhhh...", I felt my IQ drop a full point. I need those points! I ducked into a Flash talk which was cool, but way too basic for me (Have you SEEN my website...?).

After grabbing some lunch, I went to Dr. Woohoo's talk, "AIR/SWF Photoshop/Illustrator: What Happens When They Talk?", which was ridiculous. Not only is he a pretty decent artist, but he manages to incorporate as much automation into his pieces, as possible, using ExtendScript to communicate actions into all sorts of Adobe programs. Proof of this feat is a video he made, The Enraptured Cranberry Jellyfish from Tokyo. The one thing he hand-made was that prawn-looking thing. The rest was pretty much automated using ExtendScript. I'm still curious as to how he rigged it all, but it looks awesome. Also, using "Nude" as the background music was pretty brilliant. "Don't get big ideas, now..."

So after having my mind blown, me and Bender headed off into the Expo floor, grabbing as many freebies as possible. There was this awesome chalk wall on the floor, and everyone was taking a shot at it. I drew the NFi Studios logo as best as I could, but my hands are NOT steady. Last but not least, I found some prime real estate on the side of the wall, sooooo...


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» 20081005: Say it ain't so, Joe!

So, the VP debate was pretty hilarious, ehhhhh? Ryan and I (grammar!) went over to Bender's for the VP debate, and decided it's be pretty fun to play a drinking game. The cues were:

1. Every time Joe says "train".
2. Every time someone drank.
3. Every time Palim said "I can see Russia from my backyard".
4. Every time they panned the camera towards Joe's hot daughter.
5. Every time someone mentions an unverifiable statistic.

That last one was the one that got us pretty liquored up! Thanks, Ryan! The Tuesday debate should be pretty fun. We'll make sure to include the cue "maverick".

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» 20080928: Hmmmm...

So, either my Actionscript went haywire in the last two days, or Blogger is messing with their XML...

Either way, too lazy to care right now. Ooooh, House is on!

Update: They totally fucking were messing with their XML. Weird. Fixed, tho! :3

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» 20080821: Hurricane weather and the Full Effect!

So, yeah! Tropical Storm Fay! I braved the crazy-ass wind and rain to go see Reggie and the Full Effect, last night. Warship opened, followed by Mc (Motherfuckin') Chris! I did not expect to see Mc Peepants live. He did not use the words "bubblegum" or "taffy" at all, which made me a little sad...

Reggie was simply awesome. He started off with Mood 4 Luv(!), in a pink Hannah Montana spaghetti top and fuschia shorts... The rest of the show was just crazy. James is a hilarious guy, and has lots of funny coked-up stories to tell. The playlist, off the top of my head, was: Mood 4 Luv, Congratulations Smack and Katy, Better For You, Happy V-Day, Thanx For Stayin', J Train, V, Gloves, some new Fluxuation songs(!!), Raining Bloog, and DWARF INVASION. So yeah, great show.

I had to step out for a sec to get some cash for merch, so I may have missed a song.

P.S. Dancing with Liana and her Buffalo, NY friend was also a blast. :)

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» 20080810: What ever happened to muneca.net...?

I've been lurking around the Way Back Machine for some time now, and I gotta say I am saddened by the state of affairs we're in... I miss 2002 and the blog / web design scene that I was desperately trying to be a part of.

I miss Halle, and I miss muneca.net. I miss being a part of a network. I miss rene.extros.net, rene.asleep.nu, www.anticaco.com, and all those other websites I've long forgotten...

I pray for a return to old ways. HTML version blog coming soon. I feel productive.

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» 20080708: This just in!

Contrary to popular belief, I do not enjoy answering the phone, at 11:51 PM, to be told to "get online" to jot down changes for a website.

Not. At. All.

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» 20080527: faveup! <3

It seems my site is featured on faveup.com.
Permalink: http://faveup.com/design/4317

How very nice of them!

But, c'mon! Two hearts? If my website were Link, he'd be flashing and Navi would be yelling HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! because I am clearly dying.

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» 20080522: Small Update

The comments form is working correctly again. It was spitting out blanks, much un-like myself. Zing!

So, all you lovely people who left comments recently (all 3 of you), will have to re-submit. :(

Sad, I know.

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» 20080501: Welcome!

This is, like, the new website, or some junk!

New design is finally up. Feel free to browse around *points down to the menu*, and send me an e-mail if you like what you see.

First time I finish the May 1 Reboot on time! Take THAT, procrastination!

P.S. Vote for me, yay!

P.S.S. I read some of your suggestions to fix the site up a bit. I'm gonna get on them after the voting period is over. :-) Thanks, guys and gals.

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» 20080417: It's almost May!

I'm so excited I need to f*cking censor myself!

So, yeah. For ONCE, I'm on track for a May 1 Reboot deadline, and it only took me 3 years! :3 I'll be nice and post a screenshot for all you lovely internet people out there.

P.S. Yes I am still alive.

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» 20080201: Blogger... I'm... I'm sorry.

I have neglected you in my pursuit of WordPress knowledge... And I have realized that no matter how many fingers I stick into other blog engines' pooters, you remain faithful and ever-vigilant...

...also, you don't mess around with the XML feeds by use absurd Unicode for characters like Apostrophes... Guh.

I've missed you, old friend.

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» 20080131: This is a test!


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» 20071016: May's coming up soon...

Heh. I think I'm gonna get a re-design in before Christmas. Already got a nice idea. As much as I like this one, it's not completely practical. So I'm opting a more streamlined Flash design. Still gonna have all sorts of goodies around, as I love Easter Eggs.

Just thought I'd let you know. I should update this page more, eh?

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» 20070818: *yawn*

I wish my stalker would try to kill me or SOMETHING.

Goddamn, he's boring.

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» 20070716: Bear with me, here...

I'm... online? Goddamn. Still got a lot of work to do. DSL's giving me problems as of late. Turbulence should subside in a couple of days.

In the meantime, uh, if something doesn't click... My bad...?

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» 20070509: Let's pretend it's May 1rst.

I won't tell anyone if you won't. :3

P.S. Hey Mosado. Hope to hear from you guys soon, eh? Can't wait to sit on that couch again... fluffy...

P.S.S. Oh shit, I think I just jinxed it...

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» 20061207: They've stenciled out the world, and then colored it in as more...

So, stencil me and watch me bleed...
All I have is all I need...

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» 20061206: What the cell...?

I am proud to say that on my very first attempt at interacting with a Playstation 3 kiosk, at Babbage's, I managed to somehow crash the console! Yes, I feel like I did it with my mind, though I'll chalk it up to faulty hardware.

Look! Video goodness!

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» 20061205: Zouk: Nights to Remember

Quick flash I did for an event Zouk is doing. I hear they're gonna be mounting this thing on a DVD so they have keep it in rotation while the party's playing. :1 Neat, eh?


Hooray for Flash 8 and Particle Illusions!

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» 20061204: It's been a Long December...

... and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last...

It's getting closer and closer to February, ladies and germs. You know what that means, right? I'm having those dreams again... Those of you in the know, please slap the shit outta me, the next you see me.

Also, if you (and you know who you are) are reading this, no, you can't touch me and then video record it.

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» 20061201: (Insert penis joke here)

So, yeah... I am Wii-enabled. Good times, good times.

If anyone wants it, I'll post my Wii Friend Code, thought if you want me to add you, you'll have to comment YOUR Wii Friend Code back to me... Ain't that a shit?

1306 1292 3044 6304

I must admit, my Mii counterpart is a stunning doppleganger of my current self:


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» 20061127: One, two, princes kneel before you...

...that's what I said, now...

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» 20061110: BAMF!

You know when you're walking around and you can feel when someone is staring at you? And then, when you turn to look BAMF! they're staring right at you? And then, they just fucking look away, like they weren't just staring at you?

Yeah, I hate that too. Heh.

Speaking of eyesight (Ya' like how I did that?), check these out: Made two banners for a laser eye surgery company we're doing work for. One's for shits and giggles, the other a tad more serious, but not too much.

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» 20061108: In good hands...

-=Uchiha astro=- says:

rené says:

-=Uchiha astro=- says:

rené says:

rené says:
I'm not an Allstate shareholder

-=Uchiha astro=- says:
=\ but u would be in good hands if u were

rené says:

rené says:
i haet u

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» 20061102: :-(

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» 20061029: Warren's Song Pt. 14...

Helium balloons
fill an empty room...
Now, I guess that I'll
save all of my birthday cake
for another rainy day...
I'll save all this birthday cake
for a new rainy day...

Bleak invitation
sent to my loved ones...
Now, I guess that I'll
save all of my birthday cake
for another rainy day...
I'll save all this birthday cake
for a new rainy day...

- by Bracket.

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» 20061024: Content!

Oh, that's right! I have a website! Har har har.

Check this out, and drop by the party if you can.

Doing a few jobs on the side. Enough to warrant a small business venture. Here's hoping!

More info as I make it up. :3

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» 20060721: Reboot!

I think my site is up and running again... I can't tell. It's been so long... Is that a Portfolio button...? Holy hell, I've been gone for far too long... It seems I've update the site, so feel free to click around.

What the fuck, a flower...? What was I thinking...?

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» 20060501: Reboot...? Oops.

I think I completely forgot about May 1rst, for the second time in a row... Argh.

Well, better delay something than ship it out half-assed, eh? :1

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» 20060330: In transit...

It seems I won't be getting the job at Integrated Communication Group, either. I'm starting to see a bad pattern, emerging... Maybe I should quit this business and get a job at Border's, or something. No one really appreciates the work I've done, and my Bachelor's Degree has amounted to shit, as of lately. This island's third-world mentality sure isn't helping, either.

I'm thinking I should go back to school and get a second BA in Interactive Media Design. Problem is amassing that ammount of money... We'll see.

Not having the greatest of days, today...

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» 20060309: Rene's dead. Go away.

It seems I didn't get the job over at Vicom... Shazbut! It's not so bad though. Account Executive Barbie (Name changed to protect the ignorant.) quit last week, so despite financial setbacks, things have been pretty smooth around work, lately. As long as my paycheck arrives on time, I won't complain.

I'm going to re-design the site soon, hopefully before May 1st. Heh. In the meantime, I've been messing around with MSN Spaces, in order to fill in the MySpace void. Hah!

Have a visit, won't you?

I've also been Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. Holy shit, that game has production value up the hoo-hah! Aside from some camera issues and absurdly difficult boss fights, the game's pretty solid. The soundtrack is pretty cool, too. I take my time filling out the Black Book before each level, just to hear the songs play through... :) Makes me wish I could just go out and start tagging shit. :3

I should update this more often... I think I will.

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» 20060214: Is it dark yet, outside...?

Take from my breast your debt, erased... Sleep with my curse, and feel no shame...

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» 20060213: Small update.

The interview over at Vicom went pretty nicely, but I can't gauge a response on my thoughts alone. I might have been a heapin' mass-o-sweat for all I know! Heh. They handed me a small project to work on, and I will be contuining work on it, this week.

I made a CD of samples for the interview, and it just hit me that I have enough sample to make a small portfolio, website-wise.

May 1st is just around the corner. You know what that means, right...? Reboot. :)

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» 20060131: There's a new year...?

Yeah, it seems I've been neglectful these last few days. Busy, busy, busy?

Me and fellow scientists Nelson and Jose Manuel have invested in research concerning the MySpace Blog gene. We are conducting experiments to see if we can trigger this strange phenomenon at will. Should be interesting.

Oh, yeah. Job interview tomorrow! Wish me luck...?

» 20051216: Yule shoot your eye out.

These are your good years! Don't take my advice... You never wanted the nice boys, anyway... And I'm of good cheer, 'cause I've been checking my list! The gifts you're receiving from me will be one awkward silence and two hopes you cry yourself to sleep, staying up, waiting by the phone... All I want this year is for you to dedicate your last breath to me, before you bury yourself alive.

Don't come home for Christmas. You're the last thing I wanna see underneath the tree... Merry Christmas? I could care less.

Happy new years, baby! You owe me the best gift I will ever ask for! Don't call me up, when the snow comes down... It's the only thing I want this year. One awkward silence and two hopes you cry yourself to sleep, staying up, waiting by the phone... And all I want this year is for you to dedicate your last breath to me, before you bury yourself alive.

Don't come home for Christmas. You're the last thing I wanna see underneath the tree... Merry Christmas? I could care less.

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» 20051211: The Talented Mr. Esteves!

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» 20051129: Cheese, meat, cheese, cheese, meat, and that's it!

Girl, you know that there's one thing that I love, but it's not you I'm thinking of... I want the Ultimate Cheesburger! Break it down! Cheese, meat, cheese, cheese, meat, and that's it... Baby, you know it's hot and juicy, and Jack won't make it til you order it! I'm not lyin'! It's a giant, meant to satisfy! I'm sure you'd understand it better, If you ate more like a guy...

My friends have truly gone off the deep end...

Click here to view the madness.

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» 20051125: Breaking the habit...

I deleted my MySpace account. I'm done. I'll be updating this thing full time, from now on. I just gotta get the comments working, again...

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» 20051104: Muh!

MySpace is being an asshole, and won't let me in. >:(
Either there are server troubles, or someone's been trying to sneak into my account...? OMG! Paranoia!

I'm thinking I might ditch it entirely and keep to my website... I should be updating more often, but meh...

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» 20051026: Surrealist for her pleasure.

This is a test of the emergency blogcast system! Had this been a real emergency, you'd all be dead by now! Please, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Have a nice day. :)

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» 20050709: Update!

Yo. Haven't abandoned the site, just yet... Um, not that anyone reads this, or anything. :|

I'm still looking for a few things to add to the site, as it's too "bland" at the moment. Just want some nice background touches, and I'll be happy.

On another note, art! Yeah, I'm actually drawing a bit now... I'm getting back into the jist of things. Check it out, I drew Karla, being all happy and shit... Note, it made it STRAIGHT 2 PEN, so if it looks kinda odd, that's why.

I'll be posting more art things and whatnot every now and then, but feel free to check out my DeviantArt account, for more art thingies.

Peace out.

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» 20050613: Version: One Point Oh.

Well, Phase 1 is up and running... I can actually call this a competent website, for the moment... Now I gotta start adding SECTIONS. Won't THAT be fun, kiddies?

So far this has been pretty fun. Hope to add more fandangled contraptions to this flash-based page. In the meantime, I can take a slight break. Woo!

I had a bit of time to kill at work today, so I grabbed the nearest pencil and went nuts. Check it out.

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» 20050608: Font...?

I just noticed the font embedding isn't working anymore... Shit, I'll have to check what I changed on the last publish... 'Night.

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» : Has anyone seen my pants...?

Certainly has been a busy set of months, hasn't it...? I won't make any excuses for it, but it's been rough... It's not easy being alone, again. What can I say...? Now worries, though... I'm a happy camper. I get a week's vacation on the 22nd, so I'm gonna use some of that time to work on the site.

Here's hoping...

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» 20050514: Testes... One, two...

Seems I got the hang of this blogger in flash thing... next up is adding the comments... Though I don't know if I should bother... Meh. Looking nice, so far... Now I gotta add aesthetics and content.

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» 20050513: This is a test...

I'm testing my new flash blogger design... :) Hope it comes out all kickass, and shit. This is just filler text, btw... Not really supposed to say anything. Just need to fill it with enough text to simulate a paragraph... I wonder if anyone's reading this. :

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» 20050308: Hey Ivan!

Dear Ivan,
You are a dick. :)

Love, René!